prints + charity


CO LAB is a place for us to collaborate with some of our favorite brands, agencies and other creative organizations. Each month we will feature a different company that we are collaborating with with their choice of charity. All the prints will be sold in the same manner, except 100% of profits will go to their select charity.

This month we are collaborating with


Founded in 2008, Cavan Images has been collaborating with photographers all over the world to create outstanding, memorable imagery. Their award-winning collection of bold, emotive and authentic photographs celebrates the human spirit at its most vibrant.


Together with Cavan, we handpicked a selection of photographs from Cavan photographers. We are offering these images for sale with 100% of profits going to the charity they have chosen to represent, Edible Schoolyard NYC.

Edible Schoolyard NYC transforms the hearts, minds and eating habits of young New Yorkers through an integrated seed-to-table education. Its talented, inspirational educators teach experiential, hands-on cooking and gardening classes at schools in historically underserved neighborhoods in New York City. For more info visit