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December/ January Charity- 121Ethiopia

Alan GastelumComment

121Ethiopia was founded in 2005 by artist Olafur Eliasson and art historian Marianne Krogh Jensen. Based in Berlin, Copenhagen, and Zurich, the small, international NGO works to improve the lives and conditions of vulnerable children in Ethiopia.

121Ethiopia uses funds from the HEKLA Foundation to support carefully selected projects in Ethiopia. Through close cooperation with local partners in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who also facilitate the daily work on the ground, 121Ethiopia is able to gain an intimate understanding of the Ethiopian context and maintain local ownership of the projects. We strongly believe that such collaboration is indispensible for the projects’ successful and sustainable implementation.

121Ethiopia is committed to continuously reflecting on, rethinking, and adjusting our activities to accommodate the children’s specific and current needs. We periodically bring in professional experts for quality assessment. This independent assessment helps our work stay constantly appropriate to its context and informed by recent studies, and it ensures that our projects maintain the highest possible quality and achieve their intended results.

121Ethiopia’s Vision
121Ethiopia envisions a safe, healthy, and enjoyable childhood for vulnerable children in Ethiopia. We want to work towards this vision by training Ethiopian caregivers in methods for softening and reducing the stress of the transitions for the children and by providing safe, caring, and stimulating environments in Ethiopian orphanages.

121Ethiopia’s Values

  • Always take the child’s perspective
  • Work through local partnerships and resources with respect for the local context
  • Continuously share and exchange knowledge and tools of practice
  • Create sustainable and lasting impact
  • Encourage transforming thought into action

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