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May/June Charity- Partnerships for Parks

Alan GastelumComment

During our 'soft launch', we will be sending 50% of all profits to Partnerships for Parks. Partnerships for Parks (PfP), a joint program of NYC Parks and City ParksFoundation, helps people work together to make NYC greenspacesthrive. PfP believes that neighborhood greenspaces are vital centers ofcommunity life, and local, sustained community involvement helps thesespaces and surrounding communities live up to their greatest potential. With the contributions of dedicated partners, our parks, beaches,greenstreets, and street trees become cleaner, safer, more vibrant andresponsive to community needs. We also end up with public policy andurban planning informed by the diverse cultures and perspectives thatmake up our city.

Photographer, Alan Gastelum, has chosen PfP for the charity initiative of the month. Working with Partnerships for Parks for the past 3 years, Alan has helped organize coastal cleanups and raise awareness of community participation within the East River Park in New York City's lower east side. He has built an extensive visual archive of the East River Park which you can see at

The money raised this month will go directly to helping aid the East River Park's cleanups and towards a permanent resolution to control the debris build up.