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Introducing- Guest Artist Series

Alan GastelumComment

Introducing our new GUEST ARTIST SERIES. Every month we will have guest artists from all walks of life. From graphic designers to chefs to athletes to musicians and actors. They will offer one image from their Instagram account available for purchase. The guest artist will donate 50% of the profits from their sales to our charity of the month. Each month we will feature a new guest. 

This month we are proud to have Patrick Janelle as our Guest Artist.

When asked to tell a bit about himself, Patrick answered: 

"So the current moniker that I’ve adopted is “Man About Town” because I feel like I have a lot of activities that bring me into the social and cultural scene in Manhattan. My traditional bread and butter background is graphic design, so I still have some graphic design clients that I work with.

I’m busy with Spring Street Social Society,  a group that I founded with my partner, Amy Virginia Buchanan, that provides the opportunity for people in New York to gather in unusual spaces in Manhattan to have really unusual and exciting experiences that bring people together. So basically my day is filled with meeting with people for various reasons whether it’s to find spaces for these events or to connect with people I’m working together on some sort of brand integration or just having coffee with people in the city just to expand my social network and either have new friends or just see where relationships go in the future."

Patrick has this beautiful image available at a limited edition of 50 prints. Click on the image or here to purchase.

You can follow Patrick at @AGuyNamedPatrick