prints + charity

Who we are

At INSTANT, we are a collective of creative professionals - photographers, graphic designers, writers, and fine artists.  We believe it is our duty and our joy to give back. INSTANT is our new experiment.  We post images everyday on Instagram.  Making beautifully printed, limited edition Instagram images available to our followers while sending 50% of the profits to charity, is our attempt to make a difference.

What we do

We sell limited edition photographic prints. All of the images come from our Instagram accounts. Each photographer will have 5 photographs available for purchase. Each photograph is limited to 50 prints. Every month INSTANT, features a charity chosen by one of us. For each print sold, we send 50% of the profits to that charity at the end of the month. We then select a new charity for the following month and so on.

50% of Profits

Here at INSTANT we want to be as transparent as possible…meaning we will never keep anything from you, in regards to donations and where the purchase price of each print is going. We also want to make it very clear that we are donating 50% of profits, not proceeds. We are not trying to advertise INSTANT as a non-profit, because we aren’t. As much as we believe in this concept of giving back, we also believe in supporting the artist. We want to pay the photographer as much as possible for their work, as that money will allow us to continue producing new photographs.


So what's the Profit?

We wanted to make this simple. The purchase price of the print is broken down into 2 simple categories, cost & profit. This chart explains exactly how much from each print reaches the charity and photographer. 


Printing & Processing

We are printing on a premium 100% cotton paper that provides the aesthetic and feel of an original darkroom paper. The processing includes uploading photos, processing print orders, overseeing printing, mailing prints and maintaining the website.