Camera’s Rain Coat

Instructions for Taking Photos of Rainy Days

When you are out on a trip, there are wonderful things that happen and you would like to document them. The moments to remember are best captured in a picture. However, rains may mess up the moments and things you would like to capture making you head home with the moments only stored in your brains. Well, getting them out of the brains might never happen and so they are lost forever. However, there are instructions for taking photos of rainy days that you can try out.

Carrying Your Camera’s Rain Coat

Camera’s Rain Coat

There exists waterproof for cameras out there in the market that helps keep your camera safe from the rains. However, carrying it around seems odd which decrease the probability of having such a cover with you when it begins to rain. A cover that is good enough to protect your camera from all sorts of weather will, of course, be odd and bulky to carry around. However, when you are travelling in rain weathers, you carry with you a cover that does not take a lot of space in the bag but at the same time protects your camera from all sorts of unfortunate weather. Make sure that it has space where the lens can focus on the outside and somewhere to get your hands inside and operate the camera while at the same time without jeopardizing the camera’s safety.

Having a Plastic Bag the Size of a Gallon

This might seem funny or moronic but it really helps a lot when you are caught up by the rains. It helps to keep your camera safe from the rains hence you need it. You just need to punch a hole on one side of the plastic bag where a camera’s lenses can poke through and then put your hand through the other edge such that you can be able to operate the camera and at the same time film the interesting moments that catch your attention.

Take Photos From Inside a Car

When it is rainy, and you have no raincoat for the camera or a plastic bag, there is always an alternative to staying in the car and shooting what you can. Once you are in the car, you only have to lower the window and take as many photos as you want while at the same time remaining dry all through. You only have to take advantage of the other side of the car and ensure that the wind is blowing from the back. This will keep you and your camera dry.

Include an Umbrella in Your Photos

When it is raining, you can just lower your umbrella to form the picture’s frame and show that it is actually rainy. This helps show that the picture was taken when it was rainy. At times, there might be very bright spots that prevent you from taking nice photos. You can use the umbrella to block the excess light and improve the quality of your pictures.

Watch For Reflections

When it is rainy, it becomes hard to take photos of objects straight ahead. They are obviously dull and your camera gets wet. However, downpours lead to the formation of object reflections that you can always make use. When you capture reflections on your camera, it will get you fascinating pictures of the objects that you want while at the same time leaving clues that it was actually raining when the picture was taken.

Backlight the Rains

When you backlight the rains, you will realize that it becomes more visible. There is the light that comes through raindrops and it tends to be brighter more concentrated than the surrounding. You just need to shoot some light towards the rain droplets. You can use a source of light like the clouds or the streetlights. Make sure that the light does not overpower the exposure so you have got to look for the perfect spot.
Moreover, you should pop just a little flash to avoid too much of it that can overpower the exposure. The perfect rain pictures are the ones that have captured emotions. Of course, people will react to the rains in different ways. So, be on the lookout for misery or joy.

You also need a good waterproof bag to protect your camera, visit for detailed instructions. Taking pictures in the rains can be a little technical. However, it does not mean that you will not get a perfect shot. Popping out just a little flash, capturing moments of joy or misery, backlighting the rains, including an umbrella in your picture and shooting from inside the car are just a few magical things you can do to get the best shot. Just read the article to get enlightened.

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